martedì 28 luglio 2009

Love - 1966 - Love


  1. My Little Red Book (B. Bacharach/H. David)
  2. Can't Explain (A. Lee/J. Echols/J. Fleckenstein)
  3. A Message to Pretty (A. Lee)
  4. My Flash on You (A. Lee)
  5. Softly to Me (B. Maclean)
  6. No Matter What You Do (A. Lee)
  7. Emotions (A. Lee/J. Echols)
  8. You I'll Be Following (A. Lee)
  9. Gazing (A. Lee)
  10. Hey Joe (D. Valenti)
  11. Signed D. C. (A. Lee)
  12. Coloured Balls Falling (A. Lee)
  13. Mushroom Clouds (A. Lee/J. Echols/K. Forssi/B. Maclean)
  14. And More (A. Lee/B. Maclean)

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