martedì 28 luglio 2009

Teen Trash vol. 15_Live in Muenchen, Germany - Various Artists - BEAT-O-MANIA


01 Green Slime:Voices Green And Purple
02 Green Slime:Dirty Money
03 Thee Cherylinas:Soulin'
04 Thee Cherylinas:Love In Creation
05 The Apemen:Gotta Get A Little Love
06 The Apemen:Understanding
07 The Clique:Reggie
08 The Clique:The Quest
09 Rudi Protrudi:It Came In The Mail
10 Rudi Protrudi:LSD Made A Wreck Of Me
11 The Heartbeats:I'm Walking
12 The Heartbeats:Good Times
13 The Jaybirds:But You Never Do It Baby
14 The Jaybirds:Smokestack Lightning
15 Strange Flowers:December
16 Strange Flowers:Across The River And Through The Trees
17 Rudi and The Strange Flowers:Little Olive
18 The Others:T-Bone Black
19 The Others:I'm Gonna Leave You
20 Rudi and The Others:Bad Little Woman

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Scarica 2

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