giovedì 23 luglio 2009

Teen Trash vol. 04_From Cal. USA 'THE FUZZTONES'


01 Nine Months Later (R.Protrudi)
02 Girl, You Captivate Me (I.Day-A.Dischel)
03 Cheyenne Rider (M.Czekaj-J.Tarlow)
04 Greatest Lover In The World (E.McDaniel)
05 I Can't Control Myself (R.Presley)
06 You Must Be A Witch (F.Cole)
07 Jack The Ripper
08 Action Speaks Louder Than Words
09 I Never Knew (R.Protrudi)
10 Yeah Babe (R.Protrudi)
11 My Nothing
12 Romilar D (Version)


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