giovedì 23 luglio 2009

Teen Trash vol. 07_From Italy - 'THE OTHERS'


01 It's Eerie (Massimo Del Pozzo)
02 Fallin' Off My World (Massimo Del Pozzo)
03 Feel The Time (Massimo Del Pozzo)
04 No More (M.Robinson)
05 Loose Lip Sync Ship(David Aquilar-Mark Loomis(Rob.Row)
06 I'm Not There (Lil'Boys Blue)
07 Since You've Been Gone (Uncalled For)
08 It'll Never Work Out (Galabooches)
09 You Better Know Why (Massimo Del Pozzo)
10 Girl (Massimo Del Pozzo)
11 In My Time (Massimo Del Pozzo)
12 She's Gone (Massimo Del Pozzo)
13 Never Before (Massimo Del Pozzo)
14 Taste Of The Same (Mike Taylor)
15 Stompin' (Massimo Del Pozzo)


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