giovedì 23 luglio 2009

Teen Trash vol. 09_From Italy - 'THE 99TH FLOOR'


01 Too Many Times (Re-Scrivano)
02 Stop And Try (Re-Scrivano)
03 Better Follow My Way (Re-Scrivano)
04 Claudette Jones (Clancy-Rechter)
05 Just Another Day (Re-Scrivano)
06 Liar Liar (Jim Don)
07 Green City Hopper (Re-Scrivano)
08 Losing Your Mind (Re-Scrivano)
09 Everyday I'll Try (Re-Scrivano)
10 The One One Looking For (Re-Scrivano)
11 Never More (Re-Scrivano)
12 Things They Told Me Yesterday(Re-Scrivano)
13 Baby (Robin Thompson-Mike Carnes)
14 Jungle Stomp (Re-Scrivano)


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